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Relocating kit
Relocating to a new area, whether over a short distance or across the country, can be an overwhelming experience. Outlook Realty  provides total assistance in the relocation process.
To make your moving experience as smooth as possible, our certified relocation specialists can assist you in many important ways:

  • School and community information, including public and private school curriculum, performance, and per-pupil expenditures, and local resources for preschool and child care
  • Children's activities, park districts, team sports
  • Temporary housing
  • Financing and pre-qualification
  • Recommending an agent to help you find a new home in another city

Select Services

Don't worry about the electricity, the phone, the gas, and the water. Don't worry about the cable or the newspaper. Outlook Realty Select Services will handle your utility and service connections. You never have to make a call. Along with the utility connect and disconnect Outlook Realty Select Services offers you a wide array of National and local Services. All this just for being a part of Outlook Realty.

Preferred Alliances

Outlook Real Estate Office take an uncommon approach in their commitment to Outlook Realty Customers. Our approach delivers added value throughout the process of buying or selling your home and long after it is complete. Your Outlook  Real Estate Specialist can offer you opportunities to save money and time that others simply cannot match. These offers were developed in combination with companies who you already know and trust.A complete relocation package is available. Please contact our Relocation Coordinator, Olga Shebitchenko, at (732) 946-8308, or request a relocation package above.

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